Morton Counseling

You may be searching for ways to better your life. Often, the most trying and painful events in life are those that have the most to teach us. You can challenge yourself to emerge from these events with a deeper trust in yourself, a greater sense of connection with others, and a chance to grow into the person you most want to be.
My office is conveniently located midtown at 1661 N. Swan, Suite 200-10, on the Southwest corner of Swan and Pima.
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I can help you work through issues including:

Life Transition issues
Trauma Resolution
Conflict Resolution
Self Advocacy
Do you find yourself disappointed and frustrated in relationships?
Are you haunted by painful memories of past events?
As your life changes, do you say “Is this all there is?”
I Can Help!

Whether you are experiencing distress over current or past life events, or if you’d like to explore ways to maximize your life’s opportunities, you CAN benefit from my counseling services. Call now at 520-881-0304 or email me at for a FREE CONSULTATION.

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