Morton Counseling


The following are all quotes by clients of Maggie:


“An extraordinary depth of compassion and insight, combined with practical application for moving on”


“She gently gets underneath what’s really going on”


“Accepting, intuitive, compassionate”


“Knowing (Maggie) helps me to be more of who I want to be”


“Intelligence, sharpness, wisdom, depth of experience and training”


“You challenged me to feel. You dared me to explore the innermost depths of my heart.”


“Maggie had a sense of calmness and nurturing about her. I felt very safe in her presence”.


“She was right-on.  Very intelligent woman, easy to feel comfortable around.”


“She knows how to go deep.  She knows how to help you find the roots of the pain and keeps perspective on the most important aspects of it.  She is gentle, fair, honest.”

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