What to expect in therapy

So, you may ask, what should I expect from being in counseling with you? What are sessions like? How often do we meet? How long will therapy last? What will happen during our work? How will we know when to stop?

These are common questions, especially if you’ve never seen a counselor before. For some, seeking therapy is a routine ‘check up’. For others, the process of asking for help is done with equal parts worry and hope, and is a profound part of the therapy itself. Let’s answer some of these frequently asked questions to give you a better picture of your work with me.

First, most of my sessions last about 50 minutes, and are scheduled weekly or every other week. I often recommend weekly sessions in the beginning of treatment, to get good momentum and rapport, but you may schedule as often as you prefer. My work is based on a cognitive-behavioral model and is a “talk-therapy”; we will remain seated and talk throughout the session. While I can never say exactly how many sessions will be useful for the resolution of your concerns, I do track our progress throughout the length of counseling and assess with you the benefits you are receiving.

Topics discussed will include some history and context, but will largely focus on the current issues that are creating pain. One thing that may surprise you about my work is that I don’t give you pencil and paper “homework”. I am most interested in the homework you give yourself, and we will talk in a lot of detail about how you challenge and support yourself through this process.

If you have any other questions about therapy with me, please call me at 520-881-0304 or email me at Maggie@mortoncounseling.com, and I will do my best to answer all your questions


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